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How to fight Alqaida: How to handle the handlers of terrorists

War strategies

2nd part of my unpublished book on Terrorism written in 2011 
Today Terrorism is like a fast spreading fire in a jungle it must be put off immediately with the correct fire extinguisher without wasting time following steps do's and dont's must be followed to root out Islamic militancy.
1-identify your real enemy
Chines war strategist Sun Tzu says if you don’t know your enemy you will be at war every where. True an enemy in the garb of a friend is like a snake in the sleeve, ten times more dangerous than your open enemy you must identify all your enemies before starting a fight
in this war on terror (fire fight) there   are many fire fighters who stand by you apparently fighting the fire with deft flamboyance  aiming exactly at the base of the fire but in their expensive fire extinguisher provided by you they have fuel instead of extinguisher.
Watch out for them, you are definitely better off without them.
2-locate your enemy
You must know the exact location of your enemy so that it can be targeted without harming others locate the base of the enemy do not aim at small pockets your real enemy are Muslim sophisticated terrorists not the operating terrorists.
Why Pakistan has more than 1ooo check posts on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan what good these check posts has ever done.
Without these check posts militants cannot carry on a single attack on Afghanistan soil. Instead of looking for Taliban here and there keep an eye over these check posts.These check posts  should be constantly monitored by satellite or by other modern means of technology. Pakistani troops would be definitely found guilty of facilitating militants by all means.
Pakistan should be asked to minimize its check posts on the border if not Indians should be allowed to have opposite check posts along with Nato forces since Nato forces are war weary they must be backed up by none other but Indians. Remember this war can only be won if Indians are given a free hand.
3-stand at a distance
Don’t get into the fire while fighting a fire
You must maintain a reasonable distance to avoid any danger from enemy, getting too close to the enemy is never advisable it would do little good and do more harm.

4-warn others of the fire
In today’s world you must not hide bitter facts about the enemy you must inform others of their evildoing to add more friends to your friends list and to isolate our enemy. Before taking systemic strict actions against terrorism, countries like china and Russia should be fully taken on board they should be provided with written proof against such countries of their complicity in terrorism they should be further briefed of the vision and unrealistic goal of sophisticated terrorists to rule all over the world including china and Russia.
Western media should start playing an active role against sophisticated terrorists and their cruel inhuman policies inside and outside heir countries.
Do not fight the smoke fight the base of the fire
Al-Qaida is not the worst enemy, handlers of al-Qaida are. There wouldn’t be any al-Qaida or Taliban if there were no state sponsors of terrorism.
Sophisticated terrorists ( Muslim Leaders) have launched these terrorists everywhere to fight their war. They fully support them without taking any responsibility for their ill deeds.
Time has come to directly hold their handlers responsible for their act of terrorism.
These states should be given two choices to either eliminate terrorists or let other eliminate them by all means these states should be dealt as strictly as possible. Perhaps it sounds a bit impractical but it would be ways practical after its initiated. remember there are people when you kiss them they will kick you and when you kick them they will lick you.
Give it a try.
Terrorism is like a fast spreading fire in a jungle. Whenever there is a bigger fire there would be a lot of smoke and it would be hard to locate the base of the fire. A wise fire fighter with limited fire extinguisher would never waste his extinguisher fighting smoke and flames but would try to locate the base of the fire,
So stop wasting your resources men and money on the foot terrorists killing them or running after them is like fighting the flames target their leaders and the  ideology of the leaders you don’t have to fight the operating foot terrorists just take out their hearts and get them going.
Targeting their leaders would put them out of business
Don’t plant trees in a jungle on fire
Any attempt to plant more trees in a jungle  on fire is nonsense it would simply add to the fire and kill who so ever is planting.
In a war torn area Do not try to carry out any reforms and constructive work common sense tells construction and destruction can not go on together. terrorism stricken area (Pakistan,Afghanistan,
Somalia and Yemen) are not yet Ready for development work, first the terrorism should be addressed  then only in a peaceful atmosphere development work should start. Otherwise throwing money on terror stricken countries would be disastrous it would only be absorbed by the antibodies (corrupts and the extremists)
Fight the fire
A calculated fight should be picked up with the enemy if the enemy has come to you prolong the war to exhaust the enemy.
 if you have gone to the enemy (Afghanistan war) storm in and storm out attack with double the number of soldiers and war heads do not make any deals with the tried enemy Taliban get your goal and leave some strength behind (establish permanent bases) so that the victory achieved can be maintained
Maintain the victory
Once the fire is out preventive measures must be taken to avoid future fires
1…United States must establish   long-term military bases in Afghanistan to dismantle and neutralize terrorist Networks Russia and china must be taken into confidence and reassured that

it is purely in the common interest of all to keep Afghanistan free of terrorists and that the interest or safety of these countries would not be compromised.

According to most of the surveys put Taliban support in Afghanistan 25%-35% and thus Afghanistan should not be left for them to rule at  gun point.
President Obama announced 33000 troops withdrawal from Afghanistan from Afghanistan it would  result in more fatalities of the troops who remain there Pakistan would play more war machinations due to Pakistani machinations USA has already started loosing air bases like shamsi base what if usa looses more bases.
Nato allies  have  started  packing up and interest in winning the war has gone  very low. Pakistan has 150000 troops on the border there must be at least 150000 on the other side to fight pak army and their terrorists.

Its practically not possible for America and Nato to continue their presence here for another decade but yet there are other cost effective ways to turn the table on the enemy.

Be strict on prisoners
Be strict on prisoners And Be strict with sophisticated terrorists remember there are people when you kiss them they will kick you and when you kick them they will lick you.

Countries infested with terrorism should be forced in to a deal that  they would hand over high risk terrorists  to international court of terrorists where they should be court martialed or at least should be judged by judges trained on terrorism related affairs
After being tried in international court of terrorism would be imprisoned abroad favorably in Guantanamo . Keeping them in home countries is too dangerous as these countries are involved in a double game they would facilitate them to break prison or  help them in any way possible
Maximum Involvement of  india
Involve India Involvement of India in war against terror is mandatory they have the right to have a participation in war against terrorism because if the Taliban come in to power again they would be the first international victims.
Pak military atrocities In East Pakistan could have not come to an end if India had not intervened.
Pakistan Pleads and threats against Indian involvement must totally be ignored and rejected.Unlike other Nato Forces and countries India has first hand interest in curbing Taliban moreover they have a better understanding of Pak machination its powerful and unlike other Nato countries Its nearby. all these ground realities make India the best candidate to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. India should be given maximum role in Afghanistan in every field. Pakistan knows that if Indians are there Taliban cannot win let them be there and let not Taliban win. 
Create problems on eastern borders…war strategy
Pak establishment always mobilizes to extend a hand of friendship and cooperation to india whenever they have troubled relationship with America its just a war strategy they cannot afford Indian and American to join hands to cooperate in Afghanistan by extending friendship with Indians Pak establishment applies psychological pressure on India to not offend Pakistan by meddling in Afghanistan.
Indian role ….the would be best thing ever happened to Afghanistan

Pakistan misguided USA and other nations of the world for a decade after 9/11 that Indian influence will have negative implications for Afghanistan and for Pakistan it discouraged Indian part in every walk of life in Afghanistan.
Pakistan also attacked Indians in Afghanistan. Pakistani media brigade effectively ran its campaign against any positive role of India in Afghanistan and declared that it would prove too dangerous for Pakistan.
American as usual ignored friends and listened to the made up stories of Pak establishment. Since Indians were kept away from performing any positive role, Pakistan had all the opportunity to play its negative role in garb of an ally. Shamelessly Pakistan supported and resided terrorists from all over the world and unleashed them not only on Afghanistan but also bled Innocent Pakistanis As well as out side world.
India is the best choice to counter terrorism in the region. Indian speak urdu and understand Pakistani establishment game very well.At the time when Nato forces And American are tired of this long stretched war Indian inclusion will give fresh oxygen to the movement against terrorism. Indians know very well that if God forbid Taliban come back   to power then it will be their turn to bleed and suffer this acknowledgement would motivate them to come up with effective plans to counter terrorism in the region.Nato forces lacked such direct motive to fight them this personnel interest of Indians saving themselves would result in better planning and better management of the situation in Afghanistan
Pakistan would never pick a real fight with India its only skillful in bleeding India Afghanistan and other countries by its terrorists and by covered oppressions.
India has more Muslim population than the total population of Pakistan. This makes it more a Muslim country then Pakistan is.
Indian Should be given a free hand in Afghanistan. This is the only way to get rid of Pakistan strategic assets, Taliban.

No help to terror stricken countries will work miracle
Westerners have been enough fooled by the Muslim sophisticated terrorists now it’s time to know exactly that home grown terrorism cannot be possible without the very active support of the state, especially in Muslim countries where common people would be torn out of their skins if they would dare to rise against the state
Enough is enough they should not be allowed to produce more and more terrorists and fool others that they are fighting terrorism.

All those Muslim countries which are infested with terrorists should be taken for terrorists supporting countries. Remember history is a witness that no war has ever been started anywhere at any time by the people. They should be told straight away that they should control their terrorists at their own cost . Helping these countries is disastrous they would use the same money equipment and arms to weaken liberal and peaceful and help the terrorists.
Peaceful and liberal Muslim countries to be helped
There are still many Muslim countries which have not taken terrorism for a state policy for example Bangladesh Malaysia Indonesia etc these are the countries which should be helped and made stronger so that the strong wind of Islamic militancy should not reach them.
This will also send a message to Saudi arabia, Pakistan, Egypt Tunis etc.
If these Muslim struggling countries are left at their own soon the Muslim conspirators would reach there and turn them into terror grounds…watch out.

Stop policing Afghanistan
Nato countries especially America is fighting a war in Afghanistan in a dangerous way.
with every passing day the soldiers are losing motivation and the state is loosing its resources men and material and the people losing their passion.
One wonders have they come to Afghanistan to police the war torn country. Why American should beat the hollow drum of democracy here in Afghanistan. I have never heard anyone say that there is democracy in Afghanistan everyone says Afghanistan is invaded by Americans.
America is definitely on the wrong path. Does it make sense to have democratic attitude in a country like Afghanistan?
Who would most benefit from it?
Answer is Taliban would. They would use this democratic attitude of invaders to their own interest suppress their people more and more. When America and Nato countries came here the peaceful people had high hopes but unfortunately their (western) kind  attitude towards Pakistan helped Taliban to resurface.
American should exercise more strict rules and attitude to fight militancy they should stop playing the role of a loyal body guard to the local so called government here in Afghanistan.
If America has spent millions of dollars in Afghanistan they should exercise some authority as well. Taking so much responsibility without exercising any authority would benefit none other but Taliban and al-Qaida .If Pakistan was not a supporter of terrorism and the so called Afghan leaders were good enough why would American and other international forces come on this fateful oversea trip.
Afghanistan is going through a critical situation and it should be dealt accordingly.
America should minimize the interference of Afghan national directorate of security with the high profile and low profile terrorists.
Pakistan isi is of course hand in glove with all sort of terrorists, let’s talk about Afghan security  forces If afghan security department were doing their job how Taliban managed to dig a gully in the jail to get out. How the attack on Nato base and on American and British Embassy was possible if there were no bad eggs within the Afghan security forces.
Afghan security forces are trustworthy compare to isi but not fully trustworthy as some of them might have links with the notorious isi.
In the wake of Karzai india cooperation Mr retired General Musharaf said openly in an interview that in this case Pakistan isi would do their own arrangements in Afghanistan.
To address the problem of ANDS links with notorious isi as long as US and Nato forces are here in Afghanistan they should always keep the main decisions and sensitive issues of addressing terrorism within themselves.
 It sounds weird to westerner ears but this is how it works in the east there is no other way out.
we should be only soft on those enemies who don’t pose a future threat if they are a potential threat in future they should be dealt strictly. You should always create your fear in the heart of enemy.

By being  soft on the terrorists is being cruel on innocent.
Today if USA had transferred all the arrested terrorists to jails control by themselves and exercise extreme caution before freeing them things would have not been so worse. It’s always beneficial to control Muslim terrorists according to Islamic principles. Applying the democratic and western rules to control militancy is like fighting an electrical fire with water extinguisher.
prisoners of war should be right away flown out of their own country Its a war strategy to be strict on the perpetrators if you will keep on fighting and be soft on the enemies they would have a ride on your shoulder. Prisoners terrorists are of great value they should be used as bargaining chips directly and indirectly they matter a lot to sophisticated terrorists, so do they to to those who want Islamic militancy to come to an end.

Americans  are famous for taking all the wrong options till they get exhausted, never mind History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. its never too late.
Don’t ask Pakistan to do more if they do more You would be no more.
 you must accept that Pakistan and Arab royals are on their goal to Islamize the world and they are never going to give it up you must think of ways to stop them not to dissuade them definitely your goals lie in opposite direction.

Here is another set of cost effective very practical strategies please read carefully and prepare for a speedy victory.

Save money kill enemy
In search of complete security don’t invite bankruptcy Stop the financial aid no more Kary logur bill aid ,no more military equipment no more f16s  no more collision (so called coalition)  fund

Spread  the news in the media that USA is reviewing the current policy on war and would come up with a new policy…… probably with a completely new approach,  to fight the war on terror that wd let the sophisticated terrorists wait with fear , their intelligence would get disturb and there will be a break in the terrorism activities .

the massive amount of money flowing into Kabul and Pakistan  is fueling the conflict. In a bizarre way, both the Taliban and the Afghan government Pakistan army and

the others benefiting from this raining  dollars  currently have an interest in perpetuating this conflict: Both parties corrupts and the extremists are making millions of dollars from the aid and development money .They are not only benefiting from this money also their worst enemy America is getting weaker day by day this is called killing many birds with one stone.
President Karzai says Afghanistan Needs help for decades the question mark has the previous decade full of help  benefited Common man n Afghanistan?
Answer is definitely no. Thanks to the corruption and the neighbor isi that Nato forces end up bribing Taliban for their protection.

Stop funding terrorism supporting countries these countries are suffering from auto immunity their immune system (army) has turned on Them the more you throw money on them the more they will suffer as the antibodies would absorb all this aid would become  more powerful and would attack more violently on the poor nation. All help flowing to terror stricken countries  should be immediately stopped till the armies of these countries fully recover from this deadly disease. These countries specially Pakistan should be reassured that once they would cure from
Militancy it would be helped. Countries with ongoing militancy should not be helped countries which overcome terrorists and stop exporting terrorism should be taken for genuine and sincere if they look busy and do nothing should be taken for the supporter of terrorism.

military aid to such countries should be stopped with an immediate effect Pakistan military is ways more dangerous then al-Qaida is  –
Fight militancy with food supply
Countries with ongoing militancy should only be provided aid in the form of medicine and food items like flour ,sugar, rice ,dry milk and the name of the provider country should be Clearly written on such items. Muslims of Pakistan and elsewhere have great respect for food providers and traditionally and religiously feel bound to be loyal with the provider of the food this kind of loyalty is called ((namak halal) it means if you eat someone salt (food) you must remain loyal to them.
American have spent billions in Afghanistan Pakistan and other terror stricken countries unfortunately it has produced negative effects then positive. The reason behind is that this amount finally gets divided in between corrupts and the handlers of terrorists they become stronger and attack the poor more powerfully so the vicious circle of terrorism and corruption goes on.
Instead of wasting money in development projects and filling up the pockets of the sophisticated terrorists people of such countries should be helped by food items. The biggest worry of Afghanis and Pakistanis including Somalia and Yemen is to fill up the stomach 3 times a day. In Pakistan food prices have sky rocketed. The best way to the hearts of afghans and Pakistanis is definitely through their stomach.
Through effective ways people must be informed of the name of the provider and the item must be tagged in English as well as in local language bearing the name of the sender along with good wishes. USA and who so ever the provider should double check that the sent food items reach the poor and they exactly know the sender.
How to treat sophisticated terrorists in the west.?
Top bottom attitude

The United Nations financial sanctions system can be an important tool in ensuring effective action against terrorist financing.
Its below the dignity of united states and united nations to just put sanctions on the terrorists. The high profile terrorists should definitely be isolated and their assets frozen but that’s not all those especially isi and other sophisticated terrorists who stand behind them should also be dealt very strictly. Those sophities who hold high positions especially in the west and are found involved helping the terrorists in anyway should be taken for a potential terrorists. Very strict actions should be taken against them. Taking action against Mr Fai was commendable but Usa should know that they have hundreds of Fais on their soil who are the soul of the terrorists without their help the foot terrorists are just dead limbs.
Taking action against these sophisticated terrorists would cause some problems but the problems they cause if set free are irreparable and of very big magnitude.

Imran khan was asked on express tv show hosted by Kamran shahid by a young man that he holds  secret meeting with ambassador Cameroon Muntoor and he talks against America why the double standard? Mr retired cricketer answered
“Camroon came to my house so should I have hidden myself …(acting as he was hiding ) Ok next time if he will come I will beat him with sticks”….loud clapping followed.
Mr Mansoor ijaz the American version of isi creates problems for democracy in Pakistan and enjoys wealth and democratic values in America when President Barak Obama and all his high officials inform the world that no one (except few in USA) had the prior knowledge of Osama oppression he insults his president and claims that president Zardari had the knowledge in advance and it was also approved by him.
For whatever he has done at least he needs to be arrested and put in the jail for a long period of time.
This will send shock waves to all sophisticated terrorists abroad. Yes: they should not be allowed to misuse the freedom of the west and to snatch our freedom here in the east.
Mr abdul bari jahani enjoys health wealth and funds of royals of Saudia and isi in London, He enjoys the luxuriant post of Head of eastern mosque in London, and here in fateful Pakistan and Afghanistan he promotes suicide bombing.
West can certainly not win the war on terror without treating such people the same way as we poor people are treated in our fateful countries.

Listen to your enemies and do the opposite
If you are confused EXHAUSTED and at a loss to understand what to do,as you are now,  listen to your enemies Pakistan Saudia other arab royals  and the terrorists carefully and just do the opposite OF what they want you do.
NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WITH ANY SUSPICIOUS BACK GROUND EXTREMIST NEVER CHANGE. Balawi who killed Many of CIA personnel was arrested by Jordanian intelligence more than a year ago on suspicion of extremist sympathies, then apparently agreed to support the USA .
Any person who is above 17 and is found involved in any act of terrorism in any part of the world against innocent people can be forgiven but never trusted. Terrorists who are caught and yet have not committed serious act of terrorism because of less age and less availability of chances would pretend a change of heart and mind. They would try to become double agents they should be kept at arm’s length and should never be trusted with any important job …never at all.
Media’s role during a terrorist attack

Afghan army handling

Currently Commander Adam William McRaven's command is involved in training Afghan commandos — 8,200 so far — as well as Special Forces and local police known as ALPs. 30000 downsized to 10000
It seems like a good idea he has a beter understanding of handling hyper islamists
But precautionary steps must be taken before selecting personel for commando training an easy approach is, pushtoons should be kept away as much as possible in addition advance level interviews should be held with them they should be asked to fill up a form for an insight into their minds. Training doesn't matter so much what matters is who is getting trained. If precautionary steps are not taken commandos would end up training and arming enemy commandos
Training and partially arming village police is a very good idea it will hit upon the capacity of Taliban to rule over armless innocent villagers and would strengthen villagers to put up resistance against Taliban. If properly planned and implemented would be the best thing to tackle the atrocities of militants yet precautionary steps should be taken before the individual selection of Afghan local forces.
Afghanistan army size has doubled and tripled it’s a good development but this is more important that what kind of people they are
Do they hate terrorism ?
Do they have respect for human rights?
Their training is important but their character building is much more important or you will end up training your enemies at your own cost.
Their on job character building training should go on and on.
If there are more recruitment for national army these new recruits should be from shias hazaras and less from Uzbeks and few from Pushtoons
Govt should come forward to help Pushtoons establish their small businesses pushtoons should not be recruited in the national army as well as in security agencies.
There should be more recruits in the Afghan national army then in the security agencies as more and more Taliban would get them recruited in the security agencies as there are fewer requirements for the employment in the security agencies compare to the national army. The rate of defection from security personnel on a critical time is higher than army personnel.
Nato should be in control
Afghan army high officials as well as those from Aghan national directorate should not be left at their own as long as American and Nato forces are present in the country. If they are autonomous while the foreign forces are here that would be very dangerous. They would misuse their powers and would create problems instead of solving them.
Since Nato specially USA has helped Afghanistan in many ways they must exercise legal powers as responsibility without any authority would cost in terms of heavy human and financial loss.
They should be wise enough to handle Muslims according to their own standards not according to western standards.
Induct liberal army officers
Controlling the lower ranks of army of Afghanistan is easier if the high ranked officers are broad minded and liberal in their attitude.
In Muslim countries the lower rank of soldiers follows the instructions and ideology of the high officials blindly.
The easiest way to control the mindset of army of Afghanistan is through their seniors. It’s advisable that Nato forces and American should take-up the task of appointing high officials in the government and as well as in the army by any means–by any means–
it might sound weird to westerners but actually it’s the right thing to do in war torn Afghanistan.
This war cannot be won in another 100 years unless bad eggs are removed from holding powers. Extremists cannot be fought sweetly moderately and with excuse me attitude.

War of ideology fought with outsourced journalists
Instead of trying to empower media in Pakistan, USA must start an urdu radio/tv news channel  in America like al jazeera that would save millions of dollars being spent on awareness programmes else where in terror stricken countries and would educate Pakistanis in one go. After Osama bin ladin dramatic death. Pakistanis are Ready to listen to the truth. for this purpose some truthful and trust worthy journalists who have a lions heart to write about the facts in Pakistan can be outsourced from
Some language speakers bright minded Journalists who have a record of liberal writings and who face threats and difficulties in their countries should be outsourced from their native countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia they would keep an eye and ear on the propaganda machinery (on tv press and internet) of their own respective terror stricken states these Journalists would scrutinize newspapers and tv channels.
They will get feedback  and updating from their home based informers journalists through the internet social networking sites  and come up with appropriate answers and counter propaganda These journalists would speak nothing but the truth and would not fear to be kidnapped and killed by isi like saleem shahzad and hundreds of other journalists killed by the mighty isi. 
These few people will tell the truth to the bleeding Pakistanis and their truth will make its way to the hearts and minds of suffering Pakistanis this will automatically kill the anti-American propaganda and, hyper Islamic militancy and there would be no one to listen to Pakistani news channels run by isi. Also it will embolden the media inside of other autoimmune countries including Pakistan and they will also speak the truth with less fear  then before.

Anti Alqaida brigade
Muslim sophisticated terrorists have invented al-Qaida to overcome and overpower the world this is an extreme cruel and brutal act. They let the terrorists do what cannot be done legally. This kind of cruelty can never be fought with civility or within legal boundaries.
There are two quick ways to capture ,kill these terrorists.
(1) Form an Anti Alqaida brigade

Extreme circumstances require extreme measures. An anti-al-Qaida force must be developed who would target kill the leaders of terrorists and the regular terrorists
Why not?
Al-Qaida is the private brigade of Islamic extremist regimes why should there not be a private army of CIA to kill/capture the some sophisticated terrorists and the regular terrorists.
If these very dangerous people are disposed of privately it will save lots of time trouble and resources. More importantly unlike drone attacks no innocent people would die along with them. Moreover it will send shock waves in
The terrorists and their handlers that west has quietly adopted their strategy with of course no cruelty to the innocent.
So through the media it should be pronounced to the world that an organization of western youth has formed antialqaida brigade which is targeting al-Qaida associates and those who directly or indirectly help al-Qaida  – after that CIA operatives can do this job with the peace of mind—with no official responsibility--- you  must learn from your so called Muslim allies.

once there is enough evidence about their black deeds, a green signal should be given to the anti-al-Qaida brigade to do on spot justice to them however this brigade should not be owned officially just like Saudi Arabia doesn’t own al-Qaida and Pakistan doesn’t own Taliban officially .This anti-al-Qaida brigade  would target the poisonous leaders of Muslims who support Alqaida at home and visit foreign countries to recruit terrorists from Europe and America.
Once there would be enough intelligence about them they would be targeted and done justice with. World is a better place without them.
Don’t tell me that targeting them in this way is illegal of course innocent people killed in drone attacks are still more illegal.
Legal actions against leaders who support terrorism 
those pro extremism leaders who appear on tv and use poisonous language against America and spread extremism in the name of Islam should be spotted those are the leaders who spread hatred in their home countries and maintain bank accounts in western countries. They abuse human rights at home and use human rights and other facilities to their full abroad, in the same states against whom they take out fire from their mouths.
These leaders must be stopped from coming to the west Imran khan politics is based upon anti-Americanism while he spends half of his time in London, America should take Briton into confidence and cancel his visa. If such severe actions would be taken against such poisonous people others will think twice before they open their bloody mouths. if Pakistan can put multiple restrictions on American diplomats who have never insulted Pakistan publicly on tv. Pakistan despite pocketing millions of dollars can stop Nato supply line why cant western especially Briton and America restrict sophisticated terrorists from coming to their countries and most importantly banning their hyper Islamic activities.
There is a long list of Muslim Sophisticated terrorists who cross the limits of civility and humanity when they are spreading propaganda against the west yet they can never do without the west they hold accounts there they have their children there and most importantly they go to the west to spread Islamic militancy they should be stopped without giving a 2nd thought.

Issuing visas to Pak officials for Afghanistan
Nato should watch out for Afghan Govt issuing visas to Pakistanis A through background check should be conducted before issuing visas to Pakistanis.
On one occasion Foreign Minister “Henna rabani khar said there are almost 40 Pakistanis in Pak Embassy in Afghanistan and now after the death of Professor Rabani they are busy in security related activities”. Are they zardari approved or army approved if they are from establishment then Considering Pak strategic depth interest one can easily predict they are busy otherwise in in-securing Afghanistan. However nothing can be said for sure because Zardari led  PPP Govt has always stood against terrorism yet there are bad eggs within the party who are establishment tools.
Considering all this its important to secretly monitor and bug these officials to find out the difference between what they say and what they do
According to ummat daily of December 16 2011“rabita(coordination) army officers reached Kabul”.
These officials rush to Afghanistan after savior tensions between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nato - -
They must be monitored to find out what they are really coordinating --whether they are .....
what if they are Coordinating with militants directly or indirectly.
If any such official is involved in suspicious activity he should be arrested and transferred to jail in Afghanistan or elsewhere away from the handlers, controlled by Nato forces.

Foot militants don’t require a visa to enter Afghanistan they can wear a security personnel uniform and get a pick and drop service to and from the operating area in Afghanistan or near Afghanistan.
Killing high profile terrorists  legally
There is no need to take long time trying their cases in the courts a warrant should be issued to the terrorists to summon them to the court if they fail to report the case should be decided against them in their absence authorizing law enforcement agencies to kill and capture them.
Anwar al awlaki should have been declared kill or capture target by the anti-terrorism court long before he was killed.
This would avoid the unrealistic argument of pro terrorism brigade that such terrorists should be captured alive and they should be tried in the courts.
Why a precious life should be wasted in an effort of capturing terrorists alive.declare them kill or capture target and kill them legally.

Stop being a low level guard to Afghanistan Local GOvt,
its below the dignity of united nations approved nato forces who spill their blood in Afghanistan but have no say in the government affair. I have never heard anybody anywhere any time saying that Afghanistan is governed by a free democratic government everyone believes that Afghanistan is invaded by America its unfair with America to take the blame of invading, and yet work as a body guard or a policeman pouring its resources  its young men and women in the mouth of death and yet follow the corrupt Karzai Govt who doesn’t mind taking bags of money from Iran to continue the war and yet pocket loads of money from America to stop the war.

Strategies in Afghanistan
A state of emergency should be declared in Afghanistan where development work should be minimized. More attention should be given to antiterrorism efforts. Advance money distribution should be changed to performance based payments. Leaders from Afghanistan who have a clear record should be trusted instead of encouraging the corrupt and inhuman who solve one problem and create another ten problem.

Afghan national security directorate HANDLING
Ands should not be left at its own the collation forces must have their stake in investigation and handling of the terrorists

Afghan detention center should or minimized the terrorists captured should be trialed somewhere else in anti-terrorism courts they should be free from the influence of Afghan pak and Saudia influence.
There should be greater accountability on aid spent by any one in Afghanistan.
Keep an eye on muslim NGOS
An eye should be kept on NGOS from Muslim countries specially countries who have produced more terrorists that they are aiding terrorists or anti terrorists elements in Afghanistan or elsewhere.
Aid spent on security forces especially on ANDS (Afghan National Directorate of Security) should be reevaluated and find out whether they are supporting or countering terrorism.
Ands and other security officials should be secretly screened and bugged to know their core loyalty.
Appointment of Ands high officials should be revised. Since the current chief of ANDS has failed badly Deposed Chief of ANDS Amrullah Saleh Should be reappointed or bruhan udin rabani son can do the job. His personnel as well as national enmity with Taliban and isi makes him trust worthy.
High officials of ANDS should be taken to task they should be asked to submit the detailed report of their funds utilized strategies applied actions taken and goals achieved.
Actions against those Ands high officials who are accomplice in terrorism should be stricter than that of regular terrorists  
If Afghan govt shows resistance for the implication of strict measure against NDS their funds should be held.
Appoint your own governors
The best line I read in the book “Obama’s wars” was a careless remark but very meaningful comment from MR Rahm Emanuel when he at some point got frustrated with Afghan authorities and said“……or we will appoint our own governors in Afghanistan”

America must manage and keep their funds within themselves as right now the system of Afghanistan is extremely corrupted and the money spent in this corrupt system would leak to the terrorists   they would have their lion share out of it the afghan authorities who are handling money and powers are either
in the same line with the terrorists or
do this out of fear of terrorists.
They know that American have the tendency to throw money on the enemies in a bid to bribe them and have the tendency to ignore those who remain sincere as in the past Benazir and Anwar Sadat.
Appointing governors from NATO would work after all situations in Afghanistan is far from normal and in such abnormal circumstances following democratic rules would benefit only and only the corrupt and the Taliban.
Taliban office
After Professor Rabani killing there is much talk about Taliban office According to President Hamid Karzai they should have an office where they can be reached.
That’s ok if they have an office where they can be reached but that office should never be in a terror supporting country like Saudia Pakistan Egypt Tunisia etc.
It should be in a country which has produced minimum number of terrorists.So that the influence of their bosses can be minimized.
The test of a country to find out whether its pro terrorist or anti-terrorist  is the production and export and import of more or less terrorists.

Addressing home grown terrorism ( In the West)
Learning from faisal shahzad who told the judge that while getting usa nationality he took the oath to remain faithful to America  but did not mean it
Now all these people who want to become USA citizens must take an oath on their respective religious books. Muslims should be asked to take an oath on Quran and resolve that they would not harm America and remain faithful to the state and the people of America
movement for reintegration of good Muslims
In 1970s and 80s when there were civil rights movements going on in America there were enough good tv shows like all-time favorite  different strokes show which silently rather joyfully spread the message across American in white population and black population  to accept and embrace each other. Lately drake and josh my favorite show carries the message for step brothers and sisters to live happily with their step parents these kind of shows carry an effective message according to the need of the time .to address home grown extremists such shows should be planned and aired where Muslims and English or American teens are together it will send a very positive message to both Muslims and Christians and the growing distance between Muslims and other religions would be bridged in a remarkable way.

no grand community centers
in the western countries Muslim homegrown terrorists and the guest terrorists get together to connive and conspire in grand mosques and grand community centers financed by royal Saudi terrorists. These grand community centers provide a platform for them.
Westren countries must think of ways to minimize their size and influence  and track their funding they should keep a lions eye on these centers if the center is found to be least involve in terrorism related activities it should be locked and grounded.
Muslims sophisticated terrorists would definitely protest and harm but their  protests and other negative actions which would follow would be thousands times less harmful than the harm and disaster these big mosques and community centres can cause.

Pressure sophisticated terrorists inside the west

It sounds very difficult to apply pressure to corrupt Afghan, Pakistani and other foreign officials who make a mess and take refuge in western countries  R general Musharraf is one example.
American authorities should make a computerized list of their unfair businesses and a list of use and abuse of power committed by them once they are finished with their job they should not be allowed to go scot-free and start another set of terrorism supporting activity. They should be arrested and trialed so that people in power should know that there will be some accountability later on as well the noose felt tight around their neck would keep them upright

they must be screened and checked if they are directly or indirectly found accomplice with terrorists they must be taken to international court their assets should be frozen and the information should be made public they must be banned from coming to western countries.the rot is on the top so the top first to be treated.
Terrorists financers should be declared terrorists
Strict laws should be made and implemented to stop financing terrorism any individuals and organizations caught financing terrorists should be declared terrorists.
This should be strictly implemented in all the western countries specially in America and Briton
 Get rid of kidnappers.
Kidnapping  is one of the most cruel and most effective tool of terrorists it must be countered wisely or the cruelty would rule over civility. Through this technique not only the terrorists free their jailed terrorists but also loads of money from good people gets transferred to the terrorists account, resulting in breaking the back of good people and strengthening the beasts.
I will give you some out of the box suggestions after all extreme conditions require extreme measures.
Stop being civilized with the cruel.
The terrorist’s prisoners specially high profile or mid-level terrorists should be taken for an asset. Through them you can control the terrorists at large. When someone is kidnapped and the demand for millions of dollars and the demand for the release of terrorists follows, the demanders should be told informally that if something happened to the kidnapped person their men will meet the same fate. 
 prisoners in Afghanistan should be kept out of reach of  ANDS. they are making you fool. They don’t  want this rain of dollars to stop. Shifting these prisoners from Afghanistan to some other location preferably would induce a sense of insecurity in the Muslim terrorists.
 Thanks to the funds of Arab royals and the safe havens of Pakistan,they are use to of extreme protection this would definitely be a big blow to them.
In 1999 when indian aircraft got hijacked to kandhar and the demand of the highjakers was met molana azhar of jese Mohammad and Umar saeed were released,these two terrorists later on created a havoc including taking the life of Daniel Perl. Those who were negotiating with the terrorists should have wisely analyzed the situation the main highjacks were none other than the brother and the brother in-law of molana azhar masood, an unofficial threat to the lives of molana Azhar masood Mr zargar and Umar saeed ( detained in India) would have resulted in the peaceful release of the passengers and in the failure of kidnappings stratagem.
CIA needs to take further extreme measures to protect its people. Now a days state sponsored (muslim countries) kidnapping of us citizens is on the rise this must be funds the terrorists and it stops the USA citizens from going to the areas where the sovernity of the terrorists should not be disturbed.
stop sacrificing your people. go for tit for tat. There are hundreds of Muslim terrorists in America and Europe whom CIA secretly follows kidnap some of them and use them as bargaining chips. A so called group of angry Americans could take the responsibility for that and real job should be carried out by the CIA without taking any responsibility openly.
It’s a challenge : kidnap one Arab or Pakistani whom CIA secretly follows in suspicion of links with terrorists  and get Mr. warner freed from Pakistan you would see how closely Muslim terrorists are connected how much they care for each other.
Pleases don’t tell me that its illegal some minor illegal steps would let you avoid bigger illegal steps to be taken after all drone attacks are not very legal and when things get out of control then you do bomb citizens.
its advisable to be illegal with the terrorists instead of becoming illegal with the innocent civilians when things get out of control. In Afghanistan a large number of prisoners were evacuated from the prison by allowing and helping them to dig a tunnel which took them out of jail. This could not have been possible without the help of Ands. 
Afghan authorities would press USA to stay away ,spend money  and would always discourage you to have real control over the prisoners us and nato should stop the job of being a police on the gate. 
Usa and Nato should forget about tangible victories unless they don’t press on the aching nerves of the terrorists network which consists of operating terrorists and the comfoulaged assisting terrorists who play on both sides and would always protest nato to have any real step to be taken under the garb of protecting the sovereignty of the very un sovereign Afghanistan.
They want USA and nato to exhaust their resources men and money fighting the terrorists and when they are arrested they should not be handled by the USA. This is a all lost situation for Us and nato undoing all their effort. United states and nato should exercise full control over the terrorists they should be kept out of reach of their helping partners in Afghanistan intelligence and other law enforcement local agencies. They should be used as an important asset to handle terrorists at large and their affiliates in the governments of terror striken countries under no circumstances they should be handed over to Pakistan Afghanistan saudia and other terrorists supporting countries.

Uno comprehensive counter terrorism treaty for 2012
Ban ki moon  call for a global counter-terrorism treaty, has been rejected for a decade because of Muslim leaders who support terrorism. its time to unite all aspects of counter terrorism
And to have a comprehensive layout plan to counter whole of international terrorism.
Those countries Armies intelligence agencies community centers and individuals who promote finance or protect terrorists should be banned in international community.
Some member states specially from terrorism supporter countries like Arab countries will resist but please don’t be scared and don’t be fooled
All the organizations which kill innocent people for XYZ purposes should be declared terrorist organizations. All member of UNO can vote to  declare and name terrorist organizations.
USA lack of tangible action against Haqani and and its failure to declare Haqani a terrorist organization has very negatively affected war on terror there is a lot of propaganda by the media brigade of isi in Pakistan that USA wants Pakistan to pick a fight with the future rulers of Afghanistan.
Usa and Nato should have clear cut policies these groups and individuals who help terrorist organizations should be banned and added to the list of terrorists.
UNO should question Pak over Osama presence
Pakistan’s armed forces or intelligence agencies should be asked for a written reply for allowing Bin Laden in the country, as that was a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions 1267 and 1373

Formation of anti terrorism court led by UNO
Since a large number of countries have opted to terrorism using their well trained well armed and well protected private malitias an anti terrorism court led by UNO must be formed which will decide terrorism related cases this court should be authorized to take suo moto notice about the terrorists and their supporters all over the world.
Later on these terrorists individuals or organizations should be dealt as strictly as possible.
America and the international community must accept and prepare for the risks that come with targeting powerful political and business elites inside their native countries or inside western countries.
It will cause temporary and small scale problems but it will produce tangible long term good results terrorism related activities would become less attractive to those who now happily associate with it without any fear of being caught or prosecuted and persecuted
Sophisticated terrorists, oil rich (Saudi Arabia) and the nuclear rich (Pakistan) would definitely oppose the court and such moves using the shield of sovereignty.
Its time not to give them a 2nd thought. The biggest refuge of these blood spiller is protection of sovereignty and patriotism.
One window info sharing.
Intelligence sharing. Techniques must be improved While there is a . The US intelligence community must be able to fuse intelligence data, diplomatic reports, and open-source information and distribute it to the relevant parties in real-time fashion.all this info should end up in One window oppression. This would solve the problem what enver info we get about should be classified as abc confirm less confirm and under confirmation and should be available through one window rather than scattered all over with different departments of police and intelligence all these relevant departments should update their intelligence with one window oppression it will ensure that in future intelligence lapses like before 911  a flying instructor informed the intelligence that his trainee is interested in learning about takeoff but doesn’t care to learn how to land this info was good enough to grill that trainee and stop 911 unfortunately it didn’t happen
In the same way info from father and ex wife about underwear bomber Abdulmutlib and David Headly was ignored .Any info provided by anyone about any thing regarding terrorism should be recorded and readily available for all the concerned departments, waiting for the evidence is not wise evidence would only be fully available once terrorism is practiced

Pakistan must do

United nations must ask Pakistan to take the actions against terrorists and terrorism. show the findings of all the commissions probing terrorism and target killing and kidnapping everything concerning terrorism should be public and debatable not only inside Pakistan.
Pakistan must allow international as well as national media inside Pakistan to know the reality of the war and to stop the genocide of Pakistan forces of anti-Taliban villagers.

United nation and America must force Pakistan to sign NPT at any cost.
Pakistan should at least remove half of his security personnel from the top of the mountains to make Taliban helpless.
Pakistan should remove its security forces from cities like Karachi Quetta and tribal areas so that militancy can be stopped. Responsibility for the storage of law and order should be transferred to police.
How to treat the antibodies of Pakistan
US should approach United Nations Security Council for authorization of its nukes to be confiscated deactivated or destroyed.
Pakistan should be pressed that media and human rights groups and united nations representatives should be given an access to war torn areas. Permission should be taken from President Zardari not from General kiani
Pakistan current Govt of Zardari should be strengthened President Zardari is ready to fight militancy.
There are liberal and secular army personnel in Pakistan army whose promotions are withheld by General kiani because of their ideological clash with the current ruling generals.
These secular general should be approached to topple current generals and to create mutiny in the army.
If possible Pakistan current military chiefs General Kiani General Pasha and the other Al-Qaida supporters Generals should be disposed of.
Pakistan should remove security forces from tribal areas Karachi and Baluchistan so that Taliban should become powerless
When the Pakistani forces are not there to help Taliban insurgency will die its natural death.

Usa authorities should not force the moderate politicians into reconciliation or coping with the hard core(sophisticated terrorists) this will greatly damage anti terrorism efforts resulting in either losing the sincererity of the  politician or endangering his or her life. eg Benazir Bhutto was forced by us authorities to cope with Ex president R. General Mushraf who wanted to take her life. We know what happened next.Mushraf was a pro extremisim army man there was no way to sway him from his goal so in the process Benazir lost her life
Muslim policians do realize that by standing with America they get less benefits and more risks while by adopting double standards they would get more benefits from America and at the same time will have a free passage from terrorists elements(army militants and security agencies)

Surveillance of Pak check posts

Surveillance of Pak check posts on the Afghan Pak border is the most important thing to win the war on terror
Pakistan should be forced to remove the check posts specially those which are built on the top of the mountains.
If its not possible then Nato and Afghan forces should also have higher check posts
They should monitor those check posts through satellite or  small spy drones if possible 24 hours a day.
Activities of Pak check posts while facilitating terrorists should be tapped and aired in the international media
Nato forces should claim openly and make Pakistan complicity with the terrorists public.  
media in the west should launch an extended propaganda against security forces of Pakistan
Usa and Nato forces should take up the matter in united nations.
The United States must press Pakistan involving Nato and UNO that Pakistan must allow Nato personnel to be posted at every corps head quarter as well as on every check post.

Surveillance of tribal areas
Open your eyes in the sky (satellite) Surveillance of war torn tribal areas is equally important as I have mentioned time and again that pak army is not fighting terrorists there but killing those who stand against terrorists they are named terrorists and killed brutally.
Its in your intrest as well as in the intrest of humanity that those people should be helped
Through modern technology these areas should be secretly bugged photographed and videotaped once you will try you will get enough evidence of the atrocities of pak army there security forces operating in these helpless areas commit these acts of atrocities without any fear of being caught it will be easy to catch them red handed once a real understanding of their motive is developed and a tangible effort is made.
Surveillance for Improvised Explosive Devices plantation
American led Nato forces must come up with an effective programme of surveillance of those areas where ieds are most likely to be planted. It can be done by small surveillance un man aircrafts as well as with smaller regular aircrafts
Terrorists planting IEDS should be killed on the spot.
This cost effective way of stopping ieds plantation would save millions of funds which are currently being spent to stop this menace

Clipping the wings of dictators financially when they are in power
All the dictators of the world specially those from instable muslim countries keep on collecting money and deposits in swiss banks or American banks.these banks only have recently started freezing their unfar money after their rule come to an end.
This is a wrong practice what right do they have to accumulate funds when they are in power. This practice leads to the weakening of common people and subsequently this gives birth to multiple problems like lack of education militancy and extremism. We desperately need solid actions taken against such rulers when they are in power taking action against them when they are deposed would not serve any good specially in fateful third world muslim countries as by then people damage had already done moreover the new Govt would happily pocket those funds.
Yet the situation of bin ali General Mushraf and that of Hosani Mubarak is totally different from those rulers who face real rivalry from the new authorities General Musharraf Hosani Mubarak And Tunisian ex ruler behind the curtain of hypocrisy enjoy benediction  of  their so called new authorities.
Returning their illegally accumulated money to the so called new regimes means the money would be back to the rulers and a part of it would get distributed between the new blood suckers and the terrorists.
Therefore Swiss bank united nations and xyz all the other authorities should not wait for the ruling personnel to be out of their posts to freeze or block their illegally collected funds.if enough laws are not in place we can always make new laws to make this world a beter place.every law was once made for the first time
Never be afraid that you would loose diplomatic relations with the countries of such dictators,if left un checked these would make more problems by creating troubles economic and terrorism related, which would definitely spill out to elsewhere in the world.
Mr Mushraf pocketed loads of funds from across the world and made sure to spread terrorism with the same funds inside and outside Pakistan.If left at their own these double-faced leaders would destroy the world.

Extension of Drones in  populated areas
Recently USA has extended drone strikes to populated areas in north Waziristan like MiranShsh. This would enable USA to attack the leadership of militants .militant leaders would always prefer to live in an area which is surrounded by common people so that they can be used as human shields.after complete intelligence through aerial surveillance these militants can be attacked while driving so that loss of innocent lives can be minimized.
Drone attacks should also be extended to south Waziristan where Taliban have created havoc and where pak army is busy settling TTP and cleansing the liberals. However its advisable to target the militants while they are driving with smaller scale missiles to avoid innocent being killed.
Computerized id cards
In Afghanistan computerized ID cards should be issued. It will make the background checks easier for the authorities before recruitment in army. Anyone with a criminal or jihadi back ground should not be recruited in army and military. Taking guarantees from the village elders will only complicate the matter after all who will give the guarantee for the village elder?

Selection process
Interview process is most important because interview is a direct contact and if the interviewee has some knowledge of the culture and has a sense of human understanding it will be a great success. In the interview candidate must be thoroughly evaluated for aggressive behavior and for any other symptoms  of infection of of militancy or hatred.
as a part of selection they should be asked to fill up a questionnaire. They should be asked questions which will reflect the exact state of their mind
for example ------
- who you are most inspired with and why
-If you become the president of Afghanistan name ten things you will do first
-Who are the people you think will go to janat (heaven) and why
-Who are the people you think will go to hell and why.
-What 5 things apart from religious obligations prayers fasting etc ( Ibaadat) you will teach to your son to become a good human being and a good Muslim.

Anyone who expresses hatred and inclination towards aggressiveness and killing in the name of Allah should be shown out.

Teach real islam to army and police
As an  on job training Classes should be arranged for afghan police and army officials where they should be taught positive Islam human values Quaranic emphasis on  human rights should be magnified.
Instead of a live molvi sermon this job should be done on a huge projector screen where a bright minded scholar special lectures should be shown to them. This will be cost effective time saving and would not lead to unnecessary lengthy arguments.
These lectures should include value of human rights love of all mankind including non-Muslims women rights and empowerment honesty truthfulness thankfulness to those who favor you tolerance and and concern for social issues
There should also be written tests out of these lectures this will motivate them to listen carefully and there should be incentives of promotion for the personnel who do well in the tests
Western trainer’s positive behavior
Army during training should be given a 15 minutes break for Zohar prayers western trainers should avoid using their abusive language Though pushtoons themselves use a lot of abusive language but when non Muslims do this they feel very insecure and deprived of their religion. Trainers should show respect and a sense of understanding and acceptance towards Islam.
Cut off Arab and Pakistani influence
Army and police personnel should be kept away from the influence of Pakistani and Arabs in the form of trainers or facilitators or any x y z form. If included they would sure do more damage than any good.
There are loads of arabs spread all over the world who are the agents of arab royals they are out in the world to promote terrorism in the name of peace afghan army should be kept away from any influence of Arabs specially Saudi UAe And Qatar. Pakistani forces should also be kept away away from afghan army.

Let Indian trainers take command
By assigning the job of training and organizing Afghan Army Nato forces can relieve themselves of a big Burdon and can pay attention to other important matters. Indians being eastern and neighbors have better understanding of the Afghans and will definitely have an edge over westerns in handling war torn Afghans.

A military revolt in Pakistan
Extend the list of banned militant groups
Through out the world Haqani terrorists are called Haqani net work  is killing people A work? Actually when us bows to the terrorists this embolden their handlers.USA has so far not declared Haqani Taliban as terrorists reason behind is not so solid and very contradictory to the cause of 10 year old war.
This gives a horribly negative picture of USA that its asking Pakistan to fight and destroy Haqanis and at the same time it has not declared it a terrorist organization, hoping that one day it will come to the negotiations table. This attitude of USA gives all the rights and excuses to Pakistan to avoid any troubles with Haqanis.
First of all why should international authorities including UNO expect that throat slitters  and human rights abusers would again come in to power or even why they should be asked for reconciliation? The truth is that Haqanis including their head organization alqaida is not independent they are all a part of a bigger conspiracy they have no decisions making power their decisions are made by the sophisticated terrorists who head the militaries of their respective countries.
These terrorists are extremely dependent on their handlers for their safety oppression capacity trainings fundings and safe heavens to live in. This is the most foolish thing to engage with the terrorists below the dignity of a super power. They should all be straight away put on terrorists list and their respective countries should be hold responsible for their mischief.

Al-Qaida confesses 9/11 should be used as propaganda against Al-Qaida
During his trip to New York last for the U.N. General Assembly, Ahmadinejad claimed that it was explosive material and not planes brought down the World Trade Center. He said the disaster was engineered and was inside   job
In an article posted online  in the terror network’s English-language Internet magazine “Inspire,” al-Qaida rejected the Iranian leader’s suggestions according to the article Iran is jealous of al-Qaida achievements.
“It’s a ridiculous belief that stands in the face of all logic and evidence?”  Meaning that killing 3000 people was their achievement.
This admission of al-Qaida should pacify Muslims all over the world who still believes that 911 was an inside job. It’s not the first time that al-Qaida has taken responsibility for the 911  disaster they have done this many times before .yet Muslims who want to keep their eyes and ears sealed and mouth open they continue to believe that American themselves did this  job.
American media must highlight this confession of al-Qaida and use this confession as a propaganda against alqaida its an answer in the teeth for those who believe that it was an inside American job to make an excuse to attack Afghanistan.

Taliban paid £100 a month to stop fighting will it work?
British Govt has recently started a new reintegration programme for Taliban fighters that if they leave insurgency they would be paid 100 pounds a month.
I wonder how it will work ?
All Taliban Afghani or Pakistani are led by Pak isi are idealogically convinced and brainwashed that they are fighting for a holy cause Moreover---
They are allowed access to looting banks in Pakistan. They are heavily paid they have been given an opportunity to act as rulers in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
They are facilitated to take extortion money from the rich in Pakistan.
They have the immunity in the courts
Yet if the courts find it hard to free them because of the magnitude of their crime they can again kidnap someone (who matters)and avoid punishment. For example to save assassin of Salmaan taseer his son Shahbaz Taseer has been kidnapped.
Talban in Pakistan definitely have an upper edge over the civilians. They will have more facilities when establishment approved Government will be imposed by the judiciary.
In the presence of such hosts of opportunity why would they abandon their fight for the sake of 100 pounds a month. surely they would not leave insurgency for the sake of 100 pounds a day.

It might work in Afghanistan other ways
Afghan youth who desperately need money will come and join this programme and learn good values respect for human rights true teachings of islam and turn to be good citizens it would be ways beter then pouring money elsewhere in Afghanistan which never reaches he poor.

Taliban or non-Taliban who want to leave the insurgency or want to become useful citizens should enter a three-month training programme of “de-indoctrination and civilization ” where they be taught the values of good citizenship and hatred for terrorism.

Islamic scholars should also provide lessons explaining that the true path of Islam is non-violent.
some critics critize this scheme that non Taliban youth are benefiting from what if billions of dollars have been poured into the mouths of Afghan govt why not to give 100 pounds directly to those who want to learn to be good citizens. Direct payments and direct incentives would create positive would create direct contact and understanding between war effecties and the nato forces.
As a further step their behavior should be evaluated during the training secretly and those who have a respect for human rights and good character should be provided a job in local police forces.

2.  Launch a full-scale review of National Directorate of Security operational and administrative practices:
ANDS should be asked to document all the findings and the actions taken against the terrorists. They must keep an online record of it which cannot be spoiled.
Implement more aggressive procedures for the monitoring of their funds and activities.

Afghan strategies

Compensation paid to Afghan peaceful families for night raids
Nato forces find it practical and beneficial to raid at night and kill and capture militants. It makes sense because in the day light Taliban would run and mix up with local population at night they cant do this.
Afghan Govt has time and again forced Nato forces to stop such attacks keeping in view the benefits Nato should continue these raids if the raided house is found to be resided by peaceful afghans they should be given a receipt by the operating soldiers and later on a compensation of 100 us dollars should be paid to them on showing this receipt after this no one from peaceful citizens will ever claim inconvenience. This will also enhance the image of us and nato forces.
Direct contact between Afghans/Pakistanis and CIA.
CIA should start direct on line contact with Afghan or if possible Pakistani citizens. They should give their toll free telephone number postal address and email address in local newspapers in local languages.pushto and dari people should be encouraged to give information and feedback to CIA to control militancy. They should be offered incentives and reassured that their names and identities would be kept secret.

Check on Pak army by Nato security officers
The United stated must press Pakistan firmly to allow the posting of a security coordination officer from Nato at every corps headquarters.
Its almost impossible for Pak authorities to meet this demand as in the presence of security laison officers the Pak headquarters would not be able to help and facilitate the militants.
USA should not stop at this they should take up the matter in united nations since Pakistan has signed the treaty under Mushraf regime to be a front line allie against war on terror and has pocketed billions of dollars and military equipment. Pakistan must be forced not requested for the cooperation.
In case Pakistan doesn’t agree strong military sanctions should be imposed on the Pak military.
Afpak war  and winter 2012
Nato should not hurry to make peace with Taliban as in winter Taliban can any way not fight at full swing. In this season they would be advised by their handlers to extract more benefits from America by faking peace and  befooling America and its allies in the war.
On the other hand Isi would transfer terrorists from tribal areas of Pakistan to other areas like Iraq Somalia and Yemen.
The explosions would shift from Afghanistan to these areas. Taliban and Al-Qaida stationed in tribal areas of Pakistan are definitely not going to rest or have winter vacations.
Nato should be aware of these war stratagem in advance and accordingly plan counter strategies
Taking advantage of winter when the forces don’t need much petroleum because of low war season, Pakistan should not be requested to start nato supply instead the matter should be taken to UNO as Pakistan has signed a treaty in UNO to be an ally in the war  against terror and by blocking the supply line its clearly violating this law.
Recently vice president Joe Biden announced that Taliban are not our enemies it sends shock waves also news of secret Us Taliban talk is circulating. Beware ISI led Talibn might fool you another time. when they can any way not fight because of the cold weather they would fake peace.