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Quetta FC killing foreigner women in Kharotabad

Teen girl pleading for her life

May 17 2011 was another fateful day when frustrated with the death of laden Pak FC Quetta  went on another shooting rampage of innocent men and women.
There were 6 men and women coming from a nearby town of kutchlak going to Quetta airport.they had hired a taxi to the airport. Pakistan isi was following them perhaps they had somehow had some information about some terrorist hide out or God knows what.but it was mandatory to silence them. isi personal contacted the police and informed them that they are suspected bombers so they should be caught and killed. Pak police personel checked them on three different check posts and did not stop them as they had nothing with them accept for some money and passports

Teen girl Lying dead with still some ropes on her hands

When they reached the last checkpost the police was strictly advised to stop them. police man realized that again security forces want to kill innocent people so out of sympathy and out of the fear of the isi police played a trick  one of the police official got into their vehicle and got himself droped from the vehicle making an excuse that he wanted to get them but was pushed out of the vehicle. Seeing all this the driver of the vehicle realized the magnitude of danger and refused to take them any further. Poor 6 people came out of the car according to the passer byes they were visibly shaky.they went to the near by mosque to get some help and shelter the ladies stayed out side the of them was without any shoes the people of the mosque provided them with shoes and a cover that was the time when the fc personnel arrived. First they tied the hands of those innocent men and women at their backs  but then decided otherwise partially untied them they were ordered to walk to the nearest check post upon reaching man was separated from them and was taken to an undisclosed location the remaining 3 women and 2 men  were pushed inside the check post
Fc personnel took positions to kill unarmed men and women and showered them with bullets. People who witnessed the whole drama with their own eyes were told that they were suicide bombers and explosives were striped to their bodies.
The killing scene caught on camera is of the young woman who is very well dressed up and very good looking raises her hand and pleads to be spared
It can be clearly seen in the video that while the fc personnel shoot diligently police men are hesitant to shoot at some point police high command stopped the police from firing….the confused journalists n had another story to tell most of them thought that on all these check posts the police personnel asked them for money when they reached the last post they were finished with the money so this is how it happened.
All this is simply nonsense and shifting the blame to police I have travelled all by myself from Quetta to Karachi countless times I myself don’t look like a Pakistani nobody has ever asked me for money on those check posts and I have always found them very respectful.
Unfortunately it has become a trend in Pakistan as well as in Egypt to name innocent police to shield paramilitary forces.
Later Their blood soaked passports were found in the only purse they took with them when they came out from the vehicle they were travelling in.
One of the Russian passports is in the name of Olga Shreder, born in Yakutsk in theSakha Republic of Russia, on Jan 15, 1992. Her passport had been issued on Jan 03, 2006 and had expired on Jan 03, 2011. She was not an ethnic Chechen.[13] One of her profile on a russian social neoworking site is
If you follow the link or copy paste it you will definitely find out that this liberal looking teenage girl can be any thing but suicide bomber. More over the number of innocent foreigners killed was actually more as one of the ladies was 6 months pregnant and the bullet riddled baby was taken out from her dead bodyLater on all those who spoke truth about what had happened were targeted including the doctor who refused to change the autopsy report according to the wish of Mr. Dig FC Farukh shahzad.
Scores of people announced openly that in the court they would testify against the security forces and give witness that the foreigners were unarmed but very few people actually turned up after the open threats they received.

Doctor Baqir Shah silenced

Dr Baqir Shah was the police surgeon who conducted autopsy on the bodies of foreigners.He clearly wrote in his report that the foreigners died because of bullet wounds
not because of explosives tied to their bodies as declared by the shameless authorities of Police and FC. According to his report the foreigners had marks of ropes tied to their hands and feet before they were killed.

Dr. Baqir talking to the reporters about his difficulties and threat to his life.

Dr Baqir Shah after the first attack on his life

SPeak not loud or You will be silenced forever    
Dr. Baqir Shah finally dead after the 2nd attempt on his life.

He was attacked. some unidentified men attacked him he was badly injured he appeared in the court testified that those foreigners died because of bullet wounds not because of explosives tied to their bodies he also told the court that he has a serious threat to his life.After few months he was once again attacked This time the hero was silenced forever   his bullet riddled body was taken to his widow and two children.people of Quetta were grieved and angry at his brutal death.

Police and rangers rushed to the site and cordoned off the area so that the traces of the murderers and the murder can be wiped off...the job was done
One million question is that they could have killed Dr Baqir Shah in an apparent accident or a mobile snatching robbery why did they killed him in a way which directly puts the blame upon them.
The answer is simple it was a an open message to all the resisting liberal citizens Doctors, Lawyers,News reporters etc. to do as told by the terrorists in uniform.
I request my readers to force their respective Government to stop all the Military aid to Pakistan.
Our army is killing innocent and helping the terrorists. Please help us by not helping.

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