About me

I wrote about Human rights issues. I was threatened in Pakistan. Fled To Sri Lanka and went through enormous problems. ISI came to know about me and contacted friendly Sri Lankan Govt. We (myself my mother and my 11 years old sister) were kept in illegal detention for 1 month.. We fled from the detention and lived in hiding for about 1 year. It was heart breaking and horrifying that due to the direct involvement of Sri Lankan Govt UNHCR left us all alone. We did not give up.  We lived in hiding and in disguise. We  started  a full fledged campaigned on internet to save our life. We went through troubles and hardships. We bled as we tried to live. Finally when new RSD officer Ilija Todorovic came to UNHCR Sri Lanka, He came to know about us and immediately helped us. Our passports are still with Sri Lankan authorities. Though we have refugee status from UNHCR yet due to the extreme fear we continue to live in hiding. We want to move from Sri Lanka as soon as possible.






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